Looks like some sort of clock/time-based message.

2013 Crop circles - Cavallo Grigio, Robella, Province of Asti, Italy - 30 June 2013 (by latestcropcircles)

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So I get to talk to my first extraterrestrial tonight.

Should be out of this world…

Laura Eisenhower on 2012 | Extraordinary Year July 25, 2012 (by RedCrow1973)

Could you believe that time travel and teleportation are real?  Our guests say not only is the tech there, but they used it decades ago…with Barack Obama.

I’m not kidding. 

Whistleblowers on US Govt Time Travel & Teleportation | Extraordinary Year July 11, 2012 (by RedCrow1973)

Would you pass up a chance to hear someone talk about traveling through time and space alongside a young Barack Obama?

Here’s the link. Click through to listen live when it’s time. Please share!

Tonight: The captivating story of Alara Blackwell, a former remote viewer for the US military who is also a starseed from Sirius and an ET contactee.  

Hear the truth about black project involvement with extraterrestrials, her experiences aboard their ships, how remote viewers are teamed with super soldiers in combat, and more!

Last night I interviewed a former venture capitalist who now cavorts with extraterrestrials!  Very interesting conversations…

A Cosmic Paradigm with Mark Kimmel | Extraordinary Year June 13, 2012 (by RedCrow1973)

Tried to debunk UFOs. Ended up catching them on video. Awesome.

Florida Woodland UFO - from Syfy Fact or Faked footage (by dbh23)